What to do when your pinterest views starts declining? in 2020

Why Are Your Pinterest Monthly Views Decreasing? & What To Do?

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Are you wondering Why your Pinterest Views are dropping and what should you do to increase your monthly viewers on Pinterest?

If yes, then you are on the right spot as this article will exactly tell you why your Pinterest Views are dropping and what should you do to increase your monthly traffic on Pinterest.

What to do when your pinterest views starts declining? in 2020

Before starting this article I want to say that the most possible reason for your monthly views drop is the Pinterest Algorithm Update. There are many other reasons too but I am seeing a lot of viewers drop problem on Pinterest after the update.

I have listed down all the other reasons too in this post but I would want you to check out my post on Recent Pinterest Algorithm Update before moving forward in this article.

I have a dedicated post on Recent Pinterest Algorithm Update so that you can understand how things work on Pinterest in 2020 after the update rolled out.

Pinterest with their partner Tailwind shared a lot of their algorithm updates.

They came together with a webinar where they shared a lot of changes and tips to improve your visibility in Pinterest and things to avoid on Pinterest.

Now that you know about their algorithm let us move forward and understand what are some other reasons that is making your viewers drop on Pinterest?

First, let us see what exactly is Pinterest “Monthly Viewers”?

What is Pinterest “Monthly Viewers”?

What do you mean by pinterest monthly viewers

“Viewers” indicates how many people may have seen your own content that you save to Pinterest, as well as your own content that others have saved to Pinterest.

It also includes views of content you have saved from other people’s sites AND views on any Pins you may have promoted. It just means how many impressions your content have generated in that particular month.

That said, it’s not the best metric to go by if you’re looking to measure your success on Pinterest, as it’s not a great indication of the engagement on your Pins or on the true impact that your Pinterest marketing has on your bottom line.

Engagement on your pins is the most important things you should focus on Pinterest and you should be working on engagements rather than followers and monthly viewers.

Even if your monthly viewers start declining your engagement rate should stay the same as that is a great measure of your traffics engagement with your website content.

How to See Monthly Viewers on Pinterest?

To see monthly viewers on Pinterest, you must have a Pinterest Business Account or you won’t be able to see your profile’s analytics.

Check out – How to Create or Start a Pinterest Business Account from Scratch? (The Right Way)

Once, you have a business account you can check it on your profile or in analytics dashboard of Pinterest. You can also check out many meaningful data regarding your profile in the analytics like impressions, clicks, saves etc.

How to see pinterest monthly viewers

For a more meaningful number, look at the traffic Pinterest is sending to your site. For that, just go to this link in your Pinterest analytics (that’s analytics > website > click on “clicks”).

How often does Pinterest update monthly viewers?

Pinterest statistics or monthly views are calculated by taking the average of daily impressions you get for the month.

Which means Pinterest monthly views gets updated regularly and is a perfect estimate of your audience. The data is pretty accurate as it comes from Pinterest themselves.

Check out Pinterest Statistics of 2020 to know more about Pinterest.

Both Monthly viewers and Average monthly viewers on Pinterest is the same and they are both calculated with the same method.

Why my Pinterest Monthly Traffic/Views Fluctuates a Lot?

Have you ever noticed your Pinterest Analytics? I bet that if you did, you might have experienced huge fluctuations from time-to-time.

You don’t have to worry about your monthly views declining a lot as Pinterest traffic fluctuates a lot and you should ignore this unless it is constantly on a decline from a very long period.

You can see in this image from my analytics that my traffic fluctuates a lot too.

Pinterest traffic fluctuation

As I already told you that your major focus should be on the engagement of your viewers rather than impressions you are getting from your content on Pinterest.

Most of the fluctuation happens because of Holidays, Seasons and other unexpected events.

If you are noticing huge traffic on your profile in a particular season or on holidays and very low traffic rest of the year, then you shouldn’t worry a lot as your content is mostly focused or searched in that particular month or holidays.

It is very common on Pinterest and I see a lot on my profile too. So don’t get impatient if your traffic is fluctuating a lot.

But if you are seeing a constant decline on your profile then you must be worried. Let us look at all the reasons why your Pinterest monthly views may be dropping.

Reasons Why Your Pinterest Monthly Views are Dropping?

There are many reasons why your monthly views on Pinterest may be dropping and I will list all of them here. There can be other reasons too like using copyrighted images or doing some illegal promotion on Pinterest.

But I won’t be talking about them as most of the bloggers don’t do shady stuff and are probably doing everything right but still not getting enough traffic.

There may be a chance that you Pinned someone else’s Pin which took off for a season or other reasons (Pinterest shared it in an email, etc.) and that flurry of activity has died down. But there are more reasons to worry about.

So let’s see why your Pinterest monthly traffic is decreasing?

Algorithm Update

As I already mentioned that this might be the most possible reason that your traffic is declining after Pinterest rolled out their major algorithm update in February of 2020.

I already told you that I have a dedicated post on that topic and you can check that out and I keep that post updated with every latest update Pinterest rolls out.

In this article too, you will learn how to avoid some mistakes that can decrease your visibility on Pinterest by complying to the algorithm of Pinterest.

This Algorithm update has brought a lot of changes on how things work on Pinterest and how will it be working from now on. So, this update can be one of the reasons your traffic may have declined.

 Deleted Some Old Pins?


You may have deleted some of your old pins which are getting traffic to your profile. It happened with me once a long time ago when I was cleaning my Pinterest profile and by mistake, I deleted a few of my well-performing pins.

I noticed a huge decline in my traffic for weeks after deleting those pins as they were bringing a good amount of traffic to my profile.

Cleaning up your old pins who are not doing so well is good for your visibility as it shows activeness on your profile to Pinterest and gives an indication to Pinterest that you are working on your profile.

But keep in mind that you don’t delete a pin which is doing fine by mistake as that will turn out to be a disaster for your impressions on Pinterest.

If you want to delete a pin which is doing good make sure to replace or create a new and better pin for the same content.

Not Pinning Frequently

Pinning frequency on pinterest

Another major thing is not pinning frequently. If you have seen my algorithm post then you might be wondering why I told you to not pin many images on Pinterest in that post and here I am telling you to pin frequently.

Then you are in for a surprise.

It is true that pinning a lot of pins in a day is not that great and in that update, Pinterest told indirectly to its user to not pin more than 25-30 pins in a day.

But by pinning frequently I meant that you should not be pinning less than the given numbers and should not be pinning all at once.

You can obviously use a scheduler like Tailwind which is like Holy Grail for Pinterest Users. Pinning all images at once seems a lot spammy and Pinterest will notice that and will hinder your account’s growth if it seemed spammy.

Stopped Creating Fresh Pins/ New Content

You may have stopped being creative!

There is a possibility that you became busy with other stuff in life and you could not make time to create some new killer fresh pins.

Pinterest really loves new and fresh pins even if the content you are linking to is old but the pin should be fresh to get more reach on Pinterest.

Almost all social media platforms and search engines like fresh content and it is the same with Pinterest. If you create new pins from time-to-time then you Pinterest will prefer your content and promote it more frequently.

Pin Hijacking

Pin hijackers

. .

There is a big chance that one or more of your popular pin have been hijacked or stolen in other words by other pinners.

If you’ve noticed sudden monthly unique viewers drop on Pinterest, it might be a good time to start checking those popular pins. There’s a chance that one or more of them could have been hijacked.

What is Pin Hijacking?

Basically, when Popular pins have their links changed so that they benefit the repinner, rather than the original creator of the content. 

People that think they’re clicking on a pin to find your blog posts are actually being directed to someone else’s post or website. The shady link-changing pinner is getting all of the traffic that you should be getting. 

Keep an eye on your popular pins. It is unlikely that unpopular pins will get hijacked, but those ones that perform well are a problem waiting to happen.

If you want to know more about Pin Hijacking, then let me know in the comment section below so I can make a dedicated post on Pin Hijacking which is happening a lot on Pinterest.

Old Pinning Strategy

You might be using an old or outdated pinning strategy.

There is also a chance that you are using fresh new strategies and still your views are declining and that is because you have to test out different strategies and should not stick to one.

I try a lot of different pinning schedules and strategies and see what is working best for my profile. As Pinterest doesn’t prioritize any particular profile but their content and activeness.

It is helpful to try different pinning strategies and then see which is working best for you and then sticking to it for some time until it starts declining and then starting the whole process all over again.

Now, let us see what can you do to solve all of these issues and increase your monthly views on Pinterest.

How to Increase Monthly Viewers on Pinterest?

Now, that you may have figured out that what is making your monthly views drop, let us see what can you actually do to benefit in the Pinterest algorithm and get more monthly viewers on your profile.

Even though the engagement rate is way better than monthly views on any Pinterest profile if you can grow your monthly views organically then your engagement rate will benefit from it.

How to increase you rpinterest monthly viewers?

Thus, you will be able to convert more of your viewers in engaged visitor to your website.

I will recommend you to use Tailwind tool which is a scheduler for Pinterest and official partner too. Tailwind makes it too easy to work and market on Pinterest. Now the question is –

What to Do When Your Pinterest Views Starts Declining?

I will show you some ways you can increase your monthly viewers on Pinterest and they worked great for me so I hope they will work for you too.

So let’s dive in –

Recreating Viral Pins

Recreating viral pins on pitnerest

This is something you should definitely try as this was really successful for me and my profile’s reach on Pinterest.

You can create new images for the viral pins which is recreating viral pins on Pinterest. If you have some viral or mega-viral pins where the majority of your traffic is coming from then you should do it.

This proves that your audience is liking that content and maybe people are searching for that content for which your pin is viral.

Recreating that viral pin will give you an extra boost for that pin as now you will have more than 1 image for that same pin which is viral in the first place.

Pinning More Often


For a long time, pinners who are promoting their businesses didn’t know how much pins to pin in a day or how frequently they should be pinning.

But recently, Pinterest announced that the most famous profile on Pinterest tends to pin around 15-25 Pins a day.

Which gave a fair idea to small and large businesses.

If you are pinning a lot more like say around 50+ pins in a day and also sharing old duplicate pins will be considered harmful for your business.

As Tailwind mentioned – “You’re exposing your account to unnecessary risk and hurting the distribution of your content on Pinterest. This leads to less engagement for your Pins and less traffic to your website!”.

But if you are a new user I will still recommend you to pin more than this as you need that push to be visible on Pinterest.

But anything less than 25 pins/day is not beneficial in my experience.

And as I mentioned that you should not be pinning them all at once as that will seem more spammy than pinning say 50 pins/day. You should schedule your pins or pin it in breaks.

Seasonal Pinning

Seasonal Digital Marketing Guide | Forrest Digital

Image Source - Forrest Digital.

If you are seeing a huge spike in your traffic in a particular season then it shows that your content is a seasonal type of content and it works best in a particular season.

For eg., If you are selling winter clothes, then it is assumable that your products and content are preferred by the audience during winter and not in other seasons.

If this is the case then you can either change your content to evergreen type but that’s not advisable.

What I would do is to start working more during that particular season so I can get as many viewers as possible. I will start creating extra content just before the season arrives and then pin them in that season.

This will give me enough time for planning my content and marketing too which will indeed result in higher monthly viewers and a high rate of conversion for the product.

Creating Fresh Pins Frequently


Pinterest’s algorithm has decided to lay a focus on fresh Pins in 2020.

This was the most important takeaway from the recent update and this will make your content go viral if you invest a little time to create fresh pins.

What are Fresh Pins:
  • Pinterest defines fresh Pins as “images or videos that they haven’t seen before.”   New Images count as new content even if its an old blog post when saved to Pinterest for the first time.
  • You can create new images of an already existing old post and pin it with a description (new or old) and this will be considered as a fresh pin for your profile.

As many research shows that Pinterest is promoting fresh pins a lot recently on their platform.

. .

We can assume that it is only gonna get stronger in the future and you have to make sure that you follow these strategies.

As you may know or may have noticed that Pinterest is filled with many old pins which are then repinned again and again which make Pinterest a pile of garbage for old content.

Pinterest wants to make sure that new Pins are benefitted and old repinned pins are demoted.

Focus on creating more Pins per blog post, I recommend 3-10 Pins per blog post. Each unique pin has to have a new image (it can have the same description) to be accepted as a “fresh pin.”

I have actually benefited from this algorithm and I can actually prove it to you via this image from my Pinterest Analytics dashboard.

. .

Pinterest Analytics and Algorithm update 2020

Which shows a 370% increase in my audience for the month and also around 1200+% increase in my monthly average audience which is a lot.

Testing Out New Strategies and Pinning Schedule

You should test out new strategies and see what is working for you. Many courses offer various strategies even though they are helpful to some extent, I really like to test out a bunch of things and see what works for me.

I try changing my schedule from time-to-time and see at what times my audience are viewing more of my content and pin accordingly.

Also, I test many small strategies or make changes in my pinning frequencies and other stuff to know what is working best for me.

So my last recommendation will be to test out various strategies (1 strategy for at least a week) to see which one is working great for your audience and content and then sticking to it.

. .

I wouldn’t recommend sticking to a particular strategy for too long as I don’t do it and I keep changing them little-by-little over the period to comply with Pinterest Algorithm.


I think these tips will help you increase your monthly viewers on Pinterest. Although it doesn’t matter much as I already told you that you should be working on your engagement rather than your impressions.

This tips worked for me so I hope it works for you and if you have other tips or you found that something else that works with your Pinterest profile then I would like to hear about it in the comment section.

If you are a new blogger I will definitely recommend to spend little time on marketing and more time on your content. You should be putting out a lot of content if you are a new blogger.

New content shows Google that you are serious and once you have a decent amount of content on your blog then you can spend good time marketing your content.

I hope this helped you with what you were looking for and I would love to hear your experience on Pinterest below.


This post contains affiliate links. Please read Disclaimer for more information.

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